We Analyzed 100 Posts With More Comments Than Usual...

A Rabbit Hole Experiment

And I realized that these ideas can be kind of abstract…

Not to mention the fact that my demonstrations of the principles are so extreme.

I hear from a lot of people who say things like “I get it, Ryan. I like the approach. But I can’t say cockgobbler or twatwaffle at my staff meeting.”

To which I say, “Sounds oppressive, quit immediately.” And with dramatic flare, “FOLLOW YOUR PASSION.”

So I wanted to show you how other people are doing the things that I’m doing & teaching.

And how the “surface stuff” (looks, gender, message, imagery) matters less than the foundational principles and methods that drive the surface-level traits, strategies & tactics.

{{INSERT THAT PLAYED-ASS ICEBERG PIC that shows how all the real meaning is “beneath the surface.}}

{{ I’m kidding about the iceberg pic.}}

I had an idea a while back to make a weekly something where we compile a bunch of the best social media posts and marketing content. The stuff that does the best job applying Rabbit Hole Marketing & Influence concepts – and break them down into the foundational principles, methods, & strategies for you to learn from, borrow, or steal.

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go...

And if you’re like “WTF is Rabbit Hole?”

It’s the Best Marketing Course in the World (and no, you can’t sign up – it’s been closed for months).

It was the first time I put my ideas into an actual “system.” I obviously can’t give you the entire Rabbit Hole system in this article… but I do want to point out some commonalities between “Rabbit Hole Friendly” posts.

A lot of the posts we used in our experiment came from “Rabbit Holer’s” and some of them come from people who just happen to be using “Rabbit Hole Friendly” tactics.

2 common things you’ll find in almost every “Rabbit Hole Friendly” piece of content:

  1. Concreteness
  2. Specificity

We’ll point this out to you while simultaneously attempting to abstract out the core drivers that make certain posts/emails/articles/videos “work.” We’ll dissect all the principles and methods at work when a post gets a shitload of comments – and why others are nothing but crickets & hotdog water.

And we’ll investigate the strategies & tactics that move people towards desired action — instead of moving people towards thinking you’re as big of a tool as the rest of the people in their Newsfeed.

Lesson One

Do not worry about your logo or your “brand” until you’ve sold some shit.

This is one of the oldest procrastination tricks in the book. “Just trying to figure out my logo/brand I’m gonna send out the offer.” You don’t build a brand to make money. You make money to build the brand. Fucking value already delivered and we’re only in lesson one.

Bonus Lesson: Lots of paragraph breaks = good for internet writing.

We’re going to scour the firehose of bullshit that is social media to find the best shit. The shit that sparked conversations, the shit that made sales, the shit that was hard but got done anyway.

And we’re going to tell you what we liked about that shit and some ideas for how you could implement the same ideas in your shit. Or just steal it outright.

This section is basically a “monologue” because if we just got right into the “teaching” without delivering personality, this document would be worthless to us as a device to build influence.

And if it wasn’t entertaining, you definitely wouldn’t have it this far.

(All that was Lessons 2 and 3, btw)

One of the weirdest things I see people do on social media is try to sell things to people who aren’t even commenting on their stuff.

Your first and primary goal should be to start conversations.

However, it’s important that you do not get this idea twisted. The goal isn’t the conversation for conversation’s sake. The goal is to move people towards desired action.

To INFLUENCE them. (not to be confused with the awful idea of an “influencer.” Anyone outside of the top 1% in that category literally has ZERO influence.) – a Like, Comment, etc.

But what they do do is watch my videos all the way to the end, and respond to my emails, and BUY MY SHIT.

But all of these things are much more likely to happen if you’re already having conversations with the people you’re asking.

These seems like common sense, right?

You wouldn’t go into a bar and walk up to every person trying to sell them something. (although, if you did this 100 times, you would likely come away with a powerful set of skills. And a crooked nose.)

I’ve been teaching the principles that create meaningful conversations and sales with social media for a long time. And without question, the promotions that work the best are:

The people with more followers or a bigger email list.

I’ll take the person with 500 people on an email list who gets 30-50 *personal* responses when they send one out over the guy with 10,000 on a list who gets fuckall.

Which is actually a great way to know if you’re getting it right. If the responses you’re getting to your stuff are “personal.”

If they’re telling you their version of that story. If they’re connecting you with you on the “deeper” elements of the message and not just the mechanical or practical advice you are delivering.

Most people aren’t connecting on anything and their comments are just dead.

We’ll start with the results of an experiment we are conducting which began with us asking everyone to send us the one post of theirs that got the most comments and/or sparked the most interesting conversations.

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