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Tough Love Marketing for Body Workers


No bullshit business advice.

Get over your limiting beliefs about money, marketing and business.

Learn how to help your clients more effectively.

Make more money and build a practice you LOVE.

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A Plug & Play Instagram Template

Made specifically for Bodyworkers. It works.

4 Reasons Your Client Didn't Come Back

You don't need to make lame referral cards/programs to get clients back in the door. Just make these four simple changes and watch your client retention rates skyrocket.

How to Re-book a Client You Haven't Seen in a While

What if I told you, that you never need to bribe your clients to come back with soul-selling discount offers, ever again?

Marketing tips that work

They've worked for literally hundreds of people in our Unusually Focused courses - and they'll work for you too.

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