The Skwerl App 3: The Future of the App

October 05, 2020

For the past few months, Ryan’s been busy learning how to code and doesn’t seem to want to talk about Unusually Focused, or how we’re going to turn Skwerl into a business. It’s been hard to have a conversation with him about the business side of things because doesn’t seem to be able to switch his mindset from “App Developer” to “CEO.” And it makes sense, he’s literally learning to speak a different language. But from my perspective, it’s terrifying. We’ve already spent a few thousand dollars on ads to get leads for the app and Ryan’s spent the past few months building it – so we’re fully invested in this Skwerl project. Yet we have no business plan, or even any idea of what the app is going to be.

Right now, from a users perspective, it’s a basic writing app with features that motivate users to write. The feedback we get most is usually something like, “I’m finally hitting my daily writing goal. It’s crazy how some confetti and a leaderboard can get my ass in gear.” The app has some editing features as well, to help with things like redundancy and lack of rhythm and flow. It actually does a lot of cool stuff, it just isn’t what we want it to be yet.

But today, we had a tiny breakthrough. I was responding to emails when Ryan came out of his cave of an office to willingly talk about the future of the app.

We started the conversation, and since this was such a rare occasion, I stopped him mid-sentence to set up the microphone so I could share it with you. 

I also talk about what it’s been like to produce my first ever podcast, and why you should probably be publishing more. 

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