The Skwerl App 2: The Ultimate Lead Magnet

September 28, 2020

Without putting much thought into it, we ran an ad for Skwerl and were surprised to see tons of leads coming in each day, and for pennies. We found the ULTIMATE lead magnet.

They’re opening emails, joining our Facebook group, and involving themselves in our community.

But we’re learning that a bigger audience isn’t always a good thing.

For years, the Unusually Focused Facebook group has been a hub for people who want to learn to sell their stuff, build an audience, and have a community supporting them along the way. We use the group to help our customers and to sell them our courses and focus groups.

So when the group started growing rapidly, we couldn’t have been happier.

That is until our sales dropped, our long-time customers started leaving, and the group started to feel like every other boring Facebook group.

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