12: Should I Have a Separate IG Account for my Business?

April 08, 2019

Answering the age-old question “should I have a separate account for my _____ stuff?”

Unusually Focused’s Director of Marketing & Cult Operations, Kassidy Crawford, joins Ryan as they reveal the most closely-guarded secrets of the Universe. And how to make money with social media.

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Show Notes

  • 3:00 The answer to one of the questions we get the most: “Should I have multiple Instagram accounts?”
  • 3:43 It’s hard enough to move on our ideas, confidently. The last thing we want to do is make it harder on ourselves. Find out what makes “creative friction” and how to avoid it at all costs.
  • 4:20 You don’t need to make multiple accounts for all of your interests. However, there’s an exception to every rule…
  • 7:40 Branding experts will tell you to become one-dimensional. Find out why that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make… Especially in the world of social media.
  • 8:30 If you’re not already successful or making money, you should be focused on “branding.” Here’s what you should be focused on.
  • 9:45 As long as you’re doing this one thing, you won’t ever need to stop yourself from posting about your other interests due to fear of “confusing people” again.
  • 10:15 Find out why sharing about your different interests is not only OK, but it’s actually necessary.
  • 10:55 Ryan and Kassidy’s response to this common statement: “They’re following me to see stuff about yoga. If I share my other interests, they will leave.”
  • 12:50 Learn how to remove the obstacles getting in your way of true, creative expression on social media.
  • 16:25 We highly recommend you read this book.
  • 17:48 The “onion approach” to copywriting

2 comments on “12: Should I Have a Separate IG Account for my Business?

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh shit, I listened all the way to the end? Only a few episodes in & really appreciate all the gems being thrown our way. Learning things I didn’t know I needed to learn. Getting super inspired + excited to finish more episodes. Ryan has been a must-have on my instagram feed for awhile, and now also on my spotify account. ORRICO TAKEOVER! Mahalo from Honolulu!

    1. ryanorrico says:

      OH SHIT. Thanks so much, Amanda. Really appreciate you right back… especially for taking the time to let me know you dig it.

      Are you an Amanda that I know? how’d you find me?

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