10: How to target local people on Instagram

April 01, 2019

If you dig it,

In this episode, Steven ‘Big Daddy’ Kane (@heyimstevenkane) asked me how to get customers on Instagram by targeting people who are in your neighborhood.

I go over a bunch of strategies you can use starting right now even if you have a small audience, including:

  • How to stand out on instagram by taking advantage of everyone else’s lameness
  • The best place inside of instagram to find the most qualified people
  • Comment harvesting
  • Why you should keep your ‘enemies’ close and put them on a pedestal
  • Why very few of your followers are actually seeing your posts
  • How to transform yourself into a local celebrity
  • How to become omnipresent and be everywhere all of the time
  • The basics of instagram advertising
  • Boosting on steroids: why you shouldn’t use the ‘Boost’ button and instead, use this much more powerful tool.
  • What you should be doing in your interactions with your current customers and students to amplify your instagram reach
  • And a whole bunch more.

You’ll dig it. I hold nothing back.

If you want me to answer your question in a future episode, send a DM video (no more than two) to @unusuallyfocused on Instagram.

And if you want to learn more about what to post on IG and FB to make shit happen, check out our free 10-Day Digital Mindfuck:  it Might Get Strange.


And check out Steven ‘Big Daddy’ Kane’s stuff at instagram.com/heyimstevenkane. If you’re in NYC, you should def go see this dude. He’s all FRC trained up and everything.

Show Notes

  • 0:50 Find out how YOU can be featured on the Unusually Focused Podcast.
  • 1:41 Know which platform you should actually be using to target local people (hint: it's not instagram).
  • 2:45 Although you should be focusing on the platform mentioned, you should still use multiple platforms. Find out why (Hint, this KEY).
  • 2:55 Spend 5 minutes a day doing this one thing and your stuff will move way faster.
  • 4:00 We know social media marketing coaches are telling you to use local hashtags and setting your “location.” It doesn’t work… Try this instead.
  • 4:40 The first step to local success, is a solid reputation. Here’s how you can establish yourself as a “local celebrity” in your community or town.
  • 7:35 You have to stop looking at competition as a negative thing. Your competition can be one of your biggest assets, if you do this right. Learn how to use your competition in your favor (Once you master this, you and your biggest competitor will go from feeling threatened and taking business away from one another, to drinking cocktails like old friends, while basking in your matched success’s.).
  • 10:09 If you want to attract MORE local clients, you MUST make sure you tell your current clients do this one thing.
  • 10:30 This seems SO obvious - yet, most people aren’t doing it. Find out the easiest thing you can do on social media in order to build relationships with local people.
  • 13:25 How to use “events” on Facebook to reach local people.
  • 16:30 One of the biggest mistakes people make in Facebook Community Groups. Don’t be “that guy.”
  • 20:30 Learn about the two different kinds of posts you can also use as advertising.
  • 21:00 How to promote a post on Instagram.
  • 24:45 You should be doing this for every new student/client you get.
  • 26:15 You have a chance to be featured on this podcast. Here’s how...

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