14: How to make money with a small social media audience (w/ Ryan Magin)

April 15, 2019

This is part one (of two) of a conversation I had with the Instagram & Content Wizard, Ryan Magin. After we finished recording, we were both like “damn. we could have just turned this into a paid product.”

But instead, we stuck to the plan to give it to you for free.

We’ve known each other through this weird world of internet marketing for a decade and we’ve got the battle scars to prove it.

We go over content strategy, advertising, controversy and selling your stuff with social media.

60s preview video

Part two will be available soon. But if you want early access, leave a review on the podcast and send me an email (ryan@unusuallyfocused.com) to let me know. I’ll hook it up.

Follow Ryan on Instagram: @ryanmagin

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Show Notes

  • 3:00 Ryan Magin tells his story of how he started his business, and some of the struggles that happened along the way.
  • 10:25 Ryan Orrico discusses the “Red Carpet Ready” campaign he did for Valerie Waters, and why it was a total failure (or at least, why he though so at the time).
  • 12:25 You could probably be more “controversial” in your business. Here’s why.
  • 15:38 “You don’t need to call out people to be controversial.” There are other ways to create the same effect, without being an asshole.
  • 17:00 Ryan Magin discusses ideas for getting the engagement he wants.
  • 19:50 Ryan and Ryan explain their takes on “ghost followers” and whether or not you should get rid of them.
  • 25:00 These are the types of posts you should run as content ads.
  • 27:45 Ryan Orrico explains exactly what he would do if he were starting his business from scratch.
  • 33:40 Why you should never stop posting those blurry photos of you eating dinner with your mom, or hanging out with your friends, even if your social media is used for business.
  • 37:00 Here’s some basic information you need to know, if you want to run ads on Facebook/Instagram
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