🤳 How to Make a Profitable, Engaging Fitness Video (Brian Nevison)

April 17, 2020

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t post videos because you don’t like the way you look, or because you don’t have a good camera, or you think no one is watching anyway, or you don’t like your voice, or you wonder why someone would buy or watch your videos when they can go watch that other person’s… you’ll dig this episode.

It’s a conversation with my friend Brian Nevison. We talk about the work he’s been doing with other online teachers, trainers and coaches about making their videos more profitable and engaging.

I was seeing his posts & responses to people in the Random Talking Video Facebook Group, I could sense he had a system and that he wasn’t just guessing… and he also openly shares his best ideas without holding back. which made me think, “damn this dude would be a good guest.”

One of the things I like most about Brian is that even though he’s a beast who can jump over cars and bench press 1500 pounds, he doesn’t lead with demonstrations of his physical superpowers. He uses those more as appetizers and focuses largely on making videos that aim to deliver his personality.

In this episode, we talk about his 3-step process for filming an effective, profitable online training video. We also cover:

✅ 10:30 – Facebook? Instagram? YouTube? The best social media platform when you’re starting out

✅ 13:10 – How to get attention on Instagram

✅ 14:16 –  3 steps for making a video that doesn’t suck

✅ 16:46 – How to make a valuable product (everyone gets this wrong)

✅ 25:41 – Don’t like how you look on camera? Do these 5 things.

✅ 37:07 – Making a movement video….when you can’t even move well 

✅ 43:58 – Don’t make a time lapse video. Do this instead. 

✅ 49:45 – How to get over anxiety before filming

✅ 52:25 – Forget authenticity. Here’s how to actually be inspiring

✅ 1:00:00 – Do these 2 things immediately after you post a video

✅ 1:04:00 – A step-by-step guide to responding to emoji comments

✅ 1:10:00 – People aren’t commenting on your stuff? Do this. 

✅ 1:15:00 – 3 things you can do RIGHT NOW

Here’s the “behind the scenes” video we talked about of Brian making a video. (v meta)

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When I’m getting ready to film a training video, I don’t just hit record and go. ⠀ I want the video to have energy and be engaging. Especially with no one else in the room, I need to CREATE that energy. ⠀ So I ease into it with a little routine that gets me in the right mental and physical state. ⠀ There’s always some form of vocalization: usually humming and some speaking – get the vocal chords warmed up and find a conversational tone. ⠀ I also move and play, most often with a ball. I find it centers and focuses me. ⠀ Movement paired with an element of coordination/play just seems to get the body and mind firing on all cylinders. ⠀ Sometimes the play is brief, sometimes I need a little longer. It just depends on where my mind and body are at the moment. I’ve learned to feel it out. ⠀ Finally, I get myself some water and finish with some smiles and deep breaths. I see my friendly, eager audience in my mind, and begin. ⠀ This routine has enabled me to let my personality out on video the same way I would in a room full of people. ⠀ No only do I enjoy it more, it’s a much more engaging experience for anyone watching. ⠀ Click the link in my bio to get my free 3-Step Process for Filming an Engaging, Profitable Online Training Video. ⠀ #SmilesTakeYouMiles #SmileFitnessOnline

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I think you’ll find this useful whether you’re a fitness trainer, or coach, or a yoga teacher, or a mobility teacher or how ever you define yourself.

And if you want to get a complete breakdown from the man himself, make sure you go to unusuallyfocused.com/brian

And find all of his work at smilestakeyoumiles.org

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