S2E4: ? How to get out of a funk with unconventional social media (w Nelson Cuadras)

June 28, 2019

This episode is a conversation with my friend Nelson Cuadras – from The Daily Practice podcast.

I met Nelson through the #randomtalkingvideo community – just as I’ve met hundreds or thousands of other cool ass people. But Nelson’s got some special kind of thing – because not all of those thousands of people have me wondering “hmm I wonder what’s up with this dude/chick?”

I think it’s a combination of these things:

1. I compare myself to him on social media because we have similarly sized audiences and many of the same thought-leader friends
2. He’s got an unfairly good voice for podcasting.
3. He seemed to be dealing with similar mental health issues as me
4. He has cool people commenting on his stuff
5. He has cool guests on his podcast.
6. He seemed/s like a genuinely good dude.

He does a lot of cool handstands and stuff with his body – but honestly, I don’t even care about that. The only reason it’s cool to me at all is that he’s shown his audience (me) a more interesting side of his personality through talking videos and his podcast.

In this episode, Nelson and I talk about how to use social media differently in order to build confidence, pull yourself out of your “funks,” get excited about your stuff again, and all kinds of other cool shit.

We talk about how we’ve both used unedited talking videos and guerilla podcasting to get over our s***.

And a whole bunch of other stuff.

And at the end, at the risk of him being worried about some of his podcasts feeling slighted – I asked him to share the Best 3 Little Tidbits he got from the whole lot of geniuses he’s had on as guests.

Basically “give me the Top 3 Greatest Hits of All Time – none of this fluffy stuff.”

One of them that I thought was particularly interesting was Devin Kelley’s idea about the prerequisite for meditation.

It was a fun conversation. Hope you like it.

Before our conversation begins, Kassidy Crawford (Director of Marketing & Shenanigans at Unusually Focused) and I give you a few quick tips to break the stranglehold social media has over you. (testing a new segment concept)

Check out Nelson on Instagram at @nelsoncuadras
And his website (including The Daily Practice podcast) is at nelsoncuadras.com

(this is the first time we used an editor. I’ve been doing it myself. Not quite sure what I think of it – but maybe you can let a brother know?)

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