S2E5: ? How to Be Everywhere + Get Local Clients with Facebook & Instagram Ads (w Danny Twoguns)

July 11, 2019

I should be charging you for this episode. It’s a conversation with Danny Twoguns – the creator of the Fitness Nerd Academy – and founder of not one, but TWO, popular gyms in the relatively small town of Erie, PA.

Danny was one of Rabbit Hole’s Most Valuable Rabbits. When someone had a question, he was always there to drop serious knowledge.

The main reason I wanted to bring him on the podcast is to discuss what he’s doing with Facebook and Instagram advertising and what’s working RIGHT NOW.

Specifically, I ask him what is the single best thing he’s doing right now to turn a cold, social media audience into CUSTOMERS for his and his clients brick and mortar gyms — and as expected, he DELIVERED.

One of my favorite takeaways from this episode is what i’m now calling the $150/month Facebook Membership. Which isn’t actually real – but it’s a cool way to look at what we both to consider a prerequisite marketing budget.

And we walk step-by-step through a 3-part campaign that both of us use on a regular basis to turn social media followers and lurkers into customers, members or clients

We also talk about a bunch of other cool shit.

Learn more about The Fitness Nerd Academy

And check out the podcast we mentioned in the part where we talked about the single best thing he’s doing right now. The Erie Fitness Lifestyle Podcast. (BRILLIANT)

And if you want to learn more about how to do all of this FB & IG Advertising stuff to get clients and help more people – take a look at Magic Pixel Dust.

Here’s a brief overview:

7:58 – Danny discusses his fitness businesses (2 gyms in Erie, PA) and his marketing business. (advertising & marketing agency for fit pros)

26:00 – This is the way everybody should approach learning from a mentor.

28:00 – How important is the exchange of money when it comes to helping people?

31:00 – A lot of Yoga Teachers have a hard time with marketing… here’s why.

35:00 – How to increase referrals and familiarize people with your business.

38:00 – If you think your marketing isn’t working, listen to this.

46:00 – Ryan and Danny address the question, “Who should I show advertisements to?”

48:25 – An in-depth, real-life example of an advertisement Danny ran on Facebook/Instagram.

50:25 – Danny shares his experiences with FB/IG Advertising. Here are some things that work/don’t work.

55:00 – One thing you need to know about local advertising

1:08:00 – Is Facebook dying?

1:22:00 – Danny gives actionable tips on how to get the most out of your return on FB & IG Advertising

1:33:00 – How much content should you consume vs how much to produce?

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