13: Don’t start a podcast, but here’s how I got my first 5000 Listens

April 11, 2019

30 Days Later. A podcast is about this podcast. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. My honest stats. My “launch strategy.” What’s been working. My promotion and advertising strategy. And ideas to make your podcast a success.

If you dig it,

Show Notes

  • 3:30 Ryan reveals the tools he uses to create each Unusually Focused podcast episodes and the single tactic he’s been using to make the podcast successful.
  • 4:16 Learn about the Unusually Focused launch strategy. Errrr - lack of.
  • 5:00 Ryan discusses how he promotes each podcast episode.
  • 6:20 Keep this rule of thumb in mind when deciding whether or not you should spend money on advertising.
  • 7:35 Ryan’s thoughts and experiences with IGTV.
  • 8:15 You should be putting more energy into this ONE thing (This is so important, that you should actually be putting more energy into it than you do into actually building and improving your product).
  • 8:40 The Unusually Focused Podcast stats as of episode 12.
  • 12:00 Ryan talks about getting bad reviews on the Podcast - and how reviews have affected it’s popularity.
  • 13:40 “Those people are the best audience to make a podcast for.”
  • 14:30 An approach you should use when making a podcast.
  • 15:25 Some things you should think about before starting a podcast.

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