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S2E6: ? Advanced Targeting with Facebook and Instagram Ads for Local & Online Businesses

December 19, 2019

Have your Facebook & Instagram ads stopped working? Did they ever work at all?

By far, the most common questions Danny Twoguns and I got since the last episode of this podcast were about targeting. People were very clear that they wanted DETAILED INFORMATION about exactly how to set up their ad targeting… none of the “nebulous” bullshit that people are tossing around.

These questions come from everyone from start-up personal trainers, online coaches, and yoga teachers to 8-figure serial entrepreneurs. Each of them obviously has its own unique circumstances and differences, but there does tend to be one commonality.

One step that they’re all not taking.

The next step.

They take the first step just fine. They boost the post. They set up the sweet targeting parameters within a 5mile radius of the shop. They might have even installed the Facebook pixel on their Linktree. Oooohhhh.

But nothing happens. They think “that’s it?” and “☹️ Facebook ads don’t work.”

But they for do nothing with the folks who watched the video, or Saved the post, or clicked the link right before she had to put her phone away because her daughter was crying – and then forgot to come back.

That’s the step they’re missing. And it’s probably the step you’re missing.

Here’s a general overview of the topics

Here’s a quick overview of some of the topics we cover.

  • When to turn an ad off if you have a small budget
  • The best ad ever
  • Dark Posts vs Boost Posts vs Organic Posts
  • Danny’s Social Media & Advertising “Beautiful Mindmap” (his exact social media & ads campaign structure that he uses with his clients. We step through it, in detail, in the episode. But you can see the image above.
  • WTF is a Global Warm Audience?
  • How to build a campaign to get online coaching clients
  • How to build a campaign to get local clients
  • A weird way to create your “Customer Avatar”
  • How to pay the Facebook Membership Fee for special rights & privileges in the Newsfeed.
  • And a bunch more that I will add to this description soon.

And we also took questions from the RTV FB group.

  • Bernadette asked about how the hell you target people.
  • Kassidy asked how to use Facebook & Instagram ads to sell out her expensive yoga retreat.
  • Dio wanted to know how to build ad campaigns to get clients for his online coaching business
  • Susan wanted to know how to use Facebook ads to attract an older clientele who might benefit from her grief counseling services
  • Bethany asked how to use ads to get yoga clients in Japan as an American woman.

All of those questions answered in this episode, and if you want to submit a question like this for a future episode, join the group and let us know.

Some of this episode is advanced, so if anything goes over your head, just bear with us for a few moments longer. We’ll get to the simplification or an example that will make it click.

If you have any questions about any of this stuff, join us in the Confidence, Influence & Random Talking Video Facebook group. Danny, Kassidy, and I are in there a lot and we’re always down to help out.

Learn more about Magic Pixel Dust here.

Best place to find Danny is @dannytwoguns.

1 comment on “S2E6: ? Advanced Targeting with Facebook and Instagram Ads for Local & Online Businesses

  1. Dio says:

    This is the BEST podcast episode that I’ve listened to in 2019.
    It has definitely changed the way that I will reach my audience, add value and grow my business with people specifically interested in working with me.
    Thank you Ryan Orrico and Danny Twoguns for making me Unusually Focused for success going into 2020,
    Dio @getingetoutfitness

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