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20: ? Battle-tested Mind: An Immersive Auditory Concentration Training Exercise

May 25, 2019

This episode is totally different.

It’s not even a ‘podcast,’ per se.

It’s more like the result of me experimenting and practicing my skills in sound design.

An immersive auditory concentration training exercise. ?

Kinda like a meditation training for people who “can’t meditate.”

Or if you have a meditation practice and you’re having a hard time connecting with your breath or your preferred object of focus – this is a great technique to ‘drop in.’

You can even use it when you just need to chill the fuck out.

No hippie shit.

After the first few minutes of “podcast” intro and explanation – the immersion begins.

The idea is simple:


Which means your goal is to notice when your mind is wandering and you’re NOT paying attention to sound.

Use headphones.

And definitely let me know what you think.

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