How to Build Trust & Authority with Social Media Comments

Fuck your "inspiration." Here's how you influence people.

The previous two articles were to get us on the same page with regards to what Facebook wants (people looking at their screens for longer).

And to make sure you remember all of the “upsidedown” hidden things that happen just through the process of creating and posting content.

A lot of people get discouraged way too early by a lack of response to their content – and this is understandable, but you have to keep your eye on the prize and remember that you’re building an asset in the “meta-behavior” of everyone who engages with your page – on any level.

So even for our favorite Ghost Followers, who may not be Liking our shit now – but could very well be a customer in the future – the most interesting, most engaging, most fascinating part of any social media post are…

The baby!

Let’s face it. People don’t come back to reread your captions – or rewatch your videos. You’re cool, but you’re not that cool.

The image gets their attention, the caption stirs their mind, and the comments are where they orient themselves in your world.

They come back to your page, again and again, and again, for the comments. For the conversation. Whether they’re a participant or not – that’s where the juicy shit happens.

And at the risk of sounding platitudinous as fuck… and putting the cart right in front of the fucking horse.

… the best thing you can do to influence people is to already be perceived as influential.

I don’t want to just leave that hanging out there like some phrase, but the point is: if it’s not clear to people that other people “want it,” they won’t want it either.

If you’re trying to spread an idea, or get customers, or illicit donations, or get anyone to do anything…

You want people to see other people are listening to you, and buying from you, and trying your ideas, and giving you donations.

So we want to create thoughtful conversations on our posts.

There are a number of ways you can do this and I’m going to talk about several in the next article in this series.

This is especially true for ads (sponsored/promoted content), but it’s also true for just general social media.

I said earlier that the best way to influence people to already be perceived as influential.

And one of the most fundamental and primal ways to demonstrate influence (and authority) is being seen talking to multiple people at once especially when the context is such that you are clearly the leader or host.

Think of anyone on a stage. The very fact that you are standing on a stage has enormous influence on how you are perceived.

Pretty much the same thing

So you’re essentially trying to emulate the same effect in your comments.

You. On the stage. Wind blowing through your sweet hair. Rocking the fuck out. Adoring fans everywhere.
Or something like that.
But in the same vein as the invisible “meta-behavior” discussed in the previous section — the invisible force here is the magic that happens underneath the content of the comments themselves. Their very existence is a demonstration of influence, authority, and power. The fact that you’re getting a response at all and that people are watching your videos, or reading your captions, or whatever – those signals have a potent subconscious effect on the viewer.
People are more likely to trust someone or something that other people trust.

Especially if those other people appear to be like them.

Which brings me to the next reason why creating dynamic and interesting comments is so important.

By fostering an environment where quality comments and conversations can flourish, you allow the viewers to see what kind of people are hanging out with you.

This is what people want to know before they decide whether or not they want to stick around.
“What other kinds of people are here? What are they like? Are they like me?”
So besides the rapport and trust you are building with the people you’re actually speaking with & responding to, you’re also allowing your good ‘ol friendly Ghost Follower to hang back against the wall, but still check out the party.
A staggering number of purchases, email opt-ins, and other “next steps” into our Unusually Focused world – were taken as a direct result of someone else’s comment on one of my posts. Not the words I said in the video or accompanying caption.
The comments that led to sales may have been explicitly about a product, or about my ideas, or even about me as the kind-hearted angel I am. They also may have been a story or anecdote about a seemingly irrelevant event in the commenter’s life. 
The “inciting comment” may have even been on a page they now follow after having discovered the person in my comments. This happens a lot.

These things are hard to measure, but their impact is truly significant.

Not just in a hippie sense of connection, but all the way down to the bottom-line.

Comments are hands-down where the real action happens if you’re trying to make money with a small social media audience.

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