Ghost Followers & The Upside Down​

+ How to Lose Followers & Influence People​

The Upside down is an alternate dimension in the Netflix series ”Stranger Things.” It exists in parallel with the actual world – so it’s mostly the same, but darker, foggier, and home to scary monsters.

I thought it made for an apt analogy here as I have an alternate approach social media when you’re working with a small audience and/or you’re having a hard time turning your ideas into reality. And it too exists in parallel with the real world and contains some darker, foggier ideas and scary monsters.

It’s a philosophy. And a set of strategies…

… that will unlock the doors to infinite power, limitless creativity, and everlasting sexual abundance.

Notes to Ryan from Editor: edit that cult shit out 👆🏼

Note from Ryan to Editor:

As I was saying…

It’s a way of creating an alternate “world” with your social media & “real life.” A world small enough for the citizens to know each other – and to know you.

Some might call it a “community.” But do me a favor – if you do, don’t say it all buzzwordy.

But to build a world like this – rather, a community like thiswe can’t go where everyone else is going, and look where everyone else is looking. And we definitely can’t do what everyone else is doing.

We have to look where they aren’t and do what they won’t.

We have to look at the things that you can’t see on the surface. And use our posts and the ensuing conversations to create ripples that come back to us with two very powerful things:

1. information we can use to decide what to do/say/make next.

2. an asset we can use in the FB Advertising System (Custom Audiences) to continue to follow up with people that have indicated interest in our stuff.

(the best way I’ve found to do this right now is with people who watch your videos – even if they don’t Like them)

We can’t be led astray by the wrong information – even when it’s presented to as a metric for success. Followers. Likes. Traditional “engagement.”

“What the fuck is this guy talking about?”


Just scroll a little further and I’ll give you an example. 

(Ok, in hindsight, maybe I went a little far on the image. shit looked dope though, right?)

I’m talking about “Ghost Followers,” man.

For the sake of this article, and the purpose of illustrating this idea of “looking at the invisible,” let’s talk about the good ‘ol ghost follower.

We all have ’em. They’re the people who watch/see everything we post – maybe they even consistently jack our ideas – but they never Like or Comment on anything.

We see you fuckers.

There’s no shortage of articles written about how to “optimize the algorithm” by removing your Ghost Followers. The idea is that by decreasing your total number of [‘inactive’] followers, you’ll increase your overall “engagement ratio.”

But here’s the thing:

Just because they didn’t ‘Like’ it doesn’t mean it didn’t ‘work.’

We have hundreds of customers who found me on social media who rarely, if ever, explicitly interact with my posts – a Like, Comment, etc. But what they do do is watch my videos all the way to the end, and respond to my emails, and BUY MY SHIT.


Facebook sees all of this. And they know who’s making the ripples. They know who’s creating the most valuable experience for their users. They can see who’s creating the content that keeps them coming back again and again.

They track behavior across and between every interaction we have. And while, for one person, this is meaningless data – in the aggregate, and in combination with what they know about other people, it’s more predictive (and VALUABLE) than we can ever imagine.

“Ghost Followers” are just the beginning. There are many more examples of “invisible” behavior at play.

You can think of the Upside-down like the place where something changes when, on the surface, it appeared that nothing changes. When it comes to my social media use, It’s where I try to “live” as often as possible.

It helps me stay consistent even when it feels like it isn’t working.

So remember: the little, invisible things people do before/during/after seeing your content is building an asset you can use to make money doing and talking about the shit you love.

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