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The First 3 Emails

How I trolled the LA yoga community, built a huge following in less than a year, and made more money than superstar "celebrity teachers."

Ryan Orrico
Ryan Orrico

Here's how I did it

I did one thing that other teachers did not.

I sent emails.

A LOT of emails.

I sent an email, personally, to every student, after their first class.

And then I followed up. Again. Again. And Again.

There was a direct correlation between the total number of people on my email list and how much money my class made.

So I made it my primary goal: GET EMAIL ADDRESSES.

Here's how to get email addresses

If you're teaching virtually, this is not a problem. You already have their email address.

If you're at a studio that doesn't give you access, you have a few options:

  • Go to a different studio. 😏
  • Talk to the person who made this decision. Do they even know this is something you should do? Most yoga teachers are not proactive about their marketing. They may just be unaware that there's such a thing as a teacher who cares about the business' success.
  • Offer to help the studio do this sort of marketing before you do it for yourself. Present them with a plan. Tell them what you want to do.
  • Do what I did: ask if you can teach a class when the studio isn't operating (early morning is great), and split the revenue. You pay for Facebook ads and act as the "front desk." Nothing is required on their part. All they need to do is let you email the students. Make it easy to say yes.

It's a "teacher's market" right now. Not an "owner's market." You have the leverage. It will be more difficult for them to justify abiding by antiquated rules when breaking them will bring in more revenue.

The Emails

Here are the actual emails I sent.

I talk about why I sent each one and what it accomplished. (it's purpose)

Please note, you should NOT send these exact emails. They use a specific tone to deliver my personality.

Your emails should sound like you.

We made plug 'n play email templates to do just that. You'll love it. Check out Velvet Funnel.

Email One

The Purpose:

  • To build a stronger relationship so you're not just some random yoga teacher they went to that one time.
  • To become "their" yoga teacher
  • To get them excited to open your next email
  • To thank them for coming. It's the least you can do… dick.

This is deceptively powerful. I sent this email thousands of times and I can't even tell you how many responses I got like.

Email One
subject: thanks

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for coming out to class this morning.

Hope you liked it. You coming back tomorrow ?

Either way, I’ll add you to that minicourse (Make Shit Work Nice) I mentioned in class and you'll get Part One tomorrow.


PS - nice chaturanga

Email Two

The Purpose:

  • To show them that they're in the right place
  • It's not a yoga class for everyone, it's a yoga class for them. (busy people)
  • To show you noticed them and you
  • Slowly build influence by adding small steps to their daily routine

Feel free to play with this email.

Email Two
subject: Open if you have shit to do

hey, the only type of person that someone who has shit to do is does a yoga workout at 6AM .

you're trying to get in and get out and get on with their day.

that's why the class is 55 minutes. (and 5 minutes to get to and from to your car)

but people who have shit to do end up with their body in…well, shitty positions.

so, my friend, it's up to you to decide how late in your life you want to keep doing shit.

If you do a few of these [link to video] everyday, you'll get more shit done and live longer.

I have no science or education to back this claim, but it seems reasonable, no?

but seriously, you should make circles with your joints every day.

just remember to do them like we did in class. (squeezing the shit out of everything.)

check this video out.

let me know when you do (and what you did) and your next class is on me.

How to Make People Want Your Emails

If you don't want your emails to be ignored and lumped in with the rest of the shitbirds sending them trash marketing messages, you have to make them want it. They should be expecting your email.

Anticipating it.

Here's how I did it:

I used the class to create reasons to send them emails. This was my primary goal - even at the expense of my teaching. I wanted to open the door to have a private conversation between classes, about THEM.

It's all about the SETUP. I did this every class. If there were new people, I had a special version.

So while I'm working with someone individually, rather than make them feel all self-conscious while I correct a bunch of details, I'd give them one or two and before I moved to someone else, say something like:

Way better. Nice. I'll email you something that'll help

I'll send you a video and you can practice at home, you'll nail it in a week

If you do this every day for a week, your shoulder won't hurt - i'll send you a video later

I was always very jokey with my teaching, so I would give the whole class a hard time like "I know everyone watched that ankle video, so let's see these circles, baby." Which would get laughs and serve as an interest piquer for new and veteran students alike.

hey can you send me the video you were talking about?