Unusually Focused | Unusually Focused

A private community for people who want to “earn an independent living selling the things they create.”

AKA sell your own shit, secure the bag, and do what you want

Brought to you by the creator of #randomtalkingvideo. The simple 60-second unedited video based movement responsible for thousands of friendship, hundreds of new information businesses, and millions of dollars in sales of their courses, trainings & workshops.

what we believe do.

what we do.

we write every day.

we get paid to teach people what we know.

we operate outside the narrow confines of licensed professions.

we use thought leadership to earn trust and create future value.

we don’t persuade, we prove.

we oversimplify.

we build the smallest possible audience.

we make it easy to talk about us.

we charge more because no one will listen to an expert if they aren’t expensive.

we use social media to collect feedback & email addresses - not Likes & Followers.

hot pic of ryan orrico